Saving Private Takako(2010):Edit

The 1927 logo is used, but is colorized, the globe is green/blue , the biplane is red and the sky is starry.Edit

Variant 1

At the end of the film, the same variant at the opening is used, but the text is "THE END" instead of "A UNIVERSAL PICTURE", down the globe, the word "A UNIVERSAL RELEASE" and the url, is writen.

Closing Variant 1

In the trailer and TV Spots, is the same variant at the opening, but with the text " A UNIVERSAL RELEASE"

Variant 2

   A Great Adventure(1999): The 1997 logo is skinny.

At the end credits, the 1990 print is used. but, with the text "MADE BY"


Crash Bandicoot(1996, 2006 10th anniversary re-release)

After the intro of the film, A pub says"Stay Tuned for a Preview of Universal 360, the word "A CINESHPERE SPECTACULAR" is missing.                                                                                                                  


Box Trick(2013):The logo is purple.Edit

At the end of the film, a rarely version of the 1937 logo is used. with the text "A UNIVERSAL PICTURE"

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